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Five Minutes and Some Sugar Cookies

Cinco minutos y unos polvoronesCinco minutos y unos polvorones
Irène Bonacina
Picture Book
6 - 9 years

The old lady sat bored at home. She never went out and no one came to visit her anymore. All that was left was the kitchen clock to see how the time passed her by. Until one day Lady Death appeared and all that changed. To entertain her, the old lady prepared a cup of strong Chinese tea.

-"Mmm! This tea is delicious!" said Lady Death savoring it joyfully.

-"Indeed it is." Answered the old lady. - "And it tastes even better with cinnamon shortbread"

So the old lady began to cook…

5 more minutes, give or take. Same difference, right?

  • 978-607-8351-68-8