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How Do we Write Things?

¿Cómo se escriben las cosas?¿Cómo se escriben las cosas?¿Cómo se escriben las cosas?
Valeria Gallo
La Saltapared
Poetry and Riddles
6 - 9 years

There are certain words that, ouch, can be a real headache. Miss Evita E. Rores (aka Miss Write) gives you the everlasting cure so that you will always and forever remember how words are spelled. Through witty rhymes and clever wordplay, the author recounts the journey Alonso embarks on while ridding his tricycle. On his voyage he encounters words that confuse him because although they sound exactly the same, they are written differently and also possess different meanings. At the end of this book you’ll find a homophone dictionary, which will be very useful for first time readers to consult whenever they are in doubt.

  • $150.00

  • 978-607-7749-86-8
    15 x 15 cm